War of 1812

w- war began June 18, 1812.

a- A Embargo is an order to stop ships from delievering goods.

r- Royal Navy forced the U.S. sailors to join.

o- On august 24 1812, British forces ataked washington D.C.

f-  First thing the U.S did was attake the british Colony of Canada.

1- 1803 thomas Jefferson talked about the purchase of lousiana territory

8- 1813 plodding, northward at the speed of its slowest.

1- 1812 the United States declared war on the United kingdom.

2- 28 ships on hand to blockade major ports.


Battle of Bennington

When it happen, August 16, 1777.

It took place in New York State on the road East of the Hudson River towards Vermont.

Commanders of the battle, Colonels Baum, and Breyman commanded the Germans. Brigader John Stark commanded the Americans troops.

Who won the battle, Resoundingly, the Americans.

Mary Ludwig Hays

She took over then op0eration of his cannon. After her husband collasopa during the battle. Molly Pitcher was a nickname. Very intellegant woman. Patriot name molly pitcher. born to a family. Attened to school or learned to read. She is genarlly beleive to me Mary  hays. Molly pitcher was also a name given to a women.


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