My Fifth Grade Year

My fifth grade year. my teachers were very nice. we did all sorts of cool stuff. we also did experients.But most importanley i learned life lessons. i learned alot about reading history science math. it is so fun. but also you have to step up your muturity. It is so awesome.


One day my family and I were down the road at a crawfish boil and my mom and dad got a phone call. They told her something. My mom told Breyden and I to run home real fast because we need to tell y’all something really important. Breyden and I were sitting around the kitchen bar freaked and it was like 1:00 in the morning. My dad was standing buy the island in the kitchen as well as my mom. My dad just said your cousin jessup has passed away. Me and Breyden were like no no he didn’t and my mom and my dad was like yeas he did. We all started crying together and tearing up. But my dad said it’s gonna be okay. Breyden and I were still really sad as well as my mom and dad.


War of 1812

w- war began June 18, 1812.

a- A Embargo is an order to stop ships from delievering goods.

r- Royal Navy forced the U.S. sailors to join.

o- On august 24 1812, British forces ataked washington D.C.

f-  First thing the U.S did was attake the british Colony of Canada.

1- 1803 thomas Jefferson talked about the purchase of lousiana territory

8- 1813 plodding, northward at the speed of its slowest.

1- 1812 the United States declared war on the United kingdom.

2- 28 ships on hand to blockade major ports.


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