Battle of Bennington

When it happen, August 16, 1777.

It took place in New York State on the road East of the Hudson River towards Vermont.

Commanders of the battle, Colonels Baum, and Breyman commanded the Germans. Brigader John Stark commanded the Americans troops.

Who won the battle, Resoundingly, the Americans.

Mary Ludwig Hays

She took over then op0eration of his cannon. After her husband collasopa during the battle. Molly Pitcher was a nickname. Very intellegant woman. Patriot name molly pitcher. born to a family. Attened to school or learned to read. She is genarlly beleive to me Mary  hays. Molly pitcher was also a name given to a women.


My 2017 I’m happy about it being a new your and my resolution this year is not to gossap about other. It means not to talk about people meanly that is one of my resolutions,also I am happy about going snow skiing in Febuary. I am also happy about going to the beach and having the best time ever. 2017 I just am really glade for the New Year it’s awesome and I hope yall enjoy the New Year to happy New Year. 

the Kid who ran for President

The kid who ran for president is about who is gonna win and how could a kid ever run for president. Alot of people at his school are like how could he be running for president and once he came to there school and said that there would be no homework. Everyone was happy besides this one boy he got mad because he said how are we gonna learn as much.

I liked it because that would be so cool if you were a kid and got to run for president and got say theres no homework in school and we only had to go to school for a week then get off for a week and keep doing that. That is why i like it because you never know what a kid would imagine.

History of red ribbon week


On Febuary 7, 1985 he was kidnapped before he was able to expose the drug trafficking operations to the public. He was 37 years old and was survived by his wife. Red Ribbon Week eventually gained momentum through out Californa and later the United States. Kiki was suronded by five armed me who threw him in a car and ran away.

That is some history about red ribbon week.



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